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Radiation and radiation Contamination 

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Global Deactivation of Radiation. 

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 Emergency  (posted 2008/2009)  Pending Nuclear Meltdowns from Earthquakes     
&  now
Fukushima nuclear accidents time line .

Today's Must see Video: One particle causes caner national news and 
video review of amounts of radiation coming to the USA. (at times, some of the videos we link to mysteriously get pulled off of youtube)

Caesium 137 Isotope into  USA and Canada 3rd & 4th week of March. The global reporting agency stopped showing the spread of radiation after one month of a year long spread of radiation onto the Nothern Contenent. ?

 1. Radiation poisoning from steam and hot water discharge at all normal Nuclear Reactors

EPA  increases radioactive limits to compensate the high levels of radiation from Japan. Not good, and no longer protecting the people, but whom?

What was unsafe yesterday and would harm or kill you has now become come safe levels. Is this for convenience to mask how bad its getting ? We are in trouble.
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Fukushima Nuclear Plant Photos, 
and links Now!

The animated atom has a clue to deactivation as an element flies into it. Also in one spinning Rad symbols somewhere in the site may be a suggested element.

We are currently a group of concerned people, scientist, researchers, parents, students, etc., and are not set up as a 501C

You can help by opening the web and clicking a few of the links with in it. 

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 2. The spent fuel from nuclear reactors is piling up at reactor sites

 3. No safe places to store massive amounts of spent radiation.

 4. The threat of meltdowns and now, Fukushima nuclear accidents time line.  

 5. Medical waste.

 6. Nuclear manufactures, atomic bombs, nuclear bombs, hydrogen bombs

7. Gamma and other harmful space related Radiations

Fukushima Potential Releases: Xe-133 radiation contaminates. Hit the loop button.

Radiation coming to the USA

Missing elements on maps, are as stated in the a letter, by Read Eagle, which is of enriched uranium (U-235), uranium-233, and plutonium-239, thorium, because of the half life of these elements they are collecting more and more deadly radiation not less and less. 
America, World Wake Up!!!!!!!

Red Eagle

Different direction 
in the Deactivate of Radiation
A request from A Scientist that worked at the Japan Reactors. Red Eagle  A must read!!!
more from
Read Eagle
We are calling for all scientist, nuclear workers to send in your letter of on the current issue.  
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We are calling for Celebrities for their envelopments / attachments, to media people.   Email us now.

The animated atom has a clue to deactivation as an element flies into it. Also in one spinning Rad symbols somewhere in the site may be a suggested element.

Pending Nuclear Meltdowns
With in 3 1/2 years. (posted 2009)

       This prediction came through, and has started    on March of 2011
       Timeline of the Fukushima nuclear accidents

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Pending Nuclear Meltdowns  (Read the letter on white without the background clutter.)
To see the full letter in a more readable and updated form , click get the free earthquake monitor for an email request. The following letter was written in such a ways as to be unnoticed, for safety reasons, but if you read the letter below which was posted in 2008, it clearly pre warns about pending nuclear meltdowns from earthquakes.. we are now preparing a new letter of what to expect from those proven predictions, to new predictions.. (this old letter is now available on a easy readable page here.)

Earthquakes are getting larger in amplitude as the months go by.
Mount Rainier
is an active volcano and near by is an old reactor that is outdated and needs to be shut down along with other reactors built on FAULT LINES, poor rebuild policy or hidden safety facts. But because the need for electricity, it they remain open and the governing bodies put the blame on the consumers. With the growing plate tectonics movement, we are calling on concerned people to get involved in shutting down or making sure that reactors of questionable safety or brought to the public attention. During a minor or major earth quake set off by INTENSIFYING PLATE TECTONIC MOVEMENT AND the possibility of volcanoes erupting, we are in worst threat that the cold war threatened world safety. (Map J   Plate movement)
More on this at Active Volcano to near an old reactor
.  The read on, this is just the warning signs.’s main goals is bringing truth on an issue that cannot be stopped even with warnings of death, financial ruin,  even threats of torture cannot stop with its many scientist, political players, inside management from nuclear reactors, test scientist from Raytheon test labs to radiation experts, whistle blowers, Official LA Fire Department earth quake preparedness public division and people like you and me.

The truth regarding a few serious  issues that if not dealt with soon, may kill millions IN FIRST FEW DAYS AND YEARS OF a slow CENSERS AND RADIATION ILLNESS AND DEFORMITIES in the days of the pending earth quakes and highly potential MASS NUCLEAR MELTDOWNS.

First, nuclear reactors are killing thousands of American babies a years. Check any hospital near a reactor, looking for holes in heart death, damaged or no spines, etc and you’ll find death caused by nuclear cooling systems.  “The Steam and cooling water is slightly radioactive, but it disburses in the air and into the oceans” TVA Nuclear reactor operation manual 1993’.  TVA Tennessee reactors on the borders of Tennessee, Georgia and N Alabama feed the cooling waters into the Guntersville Dam and this is practiced in other areas as well. An unhealthy approached to safety and an accumulation of radiation in the drinking waters and irrigation waters for the corners of the 3 states. WOW!

Second, Nuclear Waste which has still not found a home, but rather in some cases washed down into farm lands from large foods, leakage etc. See Mississippi floods, France leakage, etc. This is known to many who rather not talk about the unsafe measures of the Nuclear Regulatory agency and those that now govern them. It has been proven that these waste products do then grow into the food and ever so slightly, that in a normal field test of the food, most would not detect it, but as it accumulates in the food and or your body. At that point, the doctors’ offices fill with more and more cancer patients in every state and at time, in other countries we ship to and or they ship to us. WOW.

Third and the worst at present.  Pending Nuclear Melt downs from large earth quakes and nuclear reactors that are built on fault lines which are now extremely unsafe during heavy earth quakes “We expect an 8.6 to a 9.2 earth quake to last more than a minute and we won’t be able to help the public for 6 months to a year”. LA Fire Department Earth Quake Preparedness public meetings.

Earthquake Melt Downs continued
known by most, had a leakage that caused a meltdown that caused millions of deaths over the years and the authorities were able to get to the reactors within two weeks. In LA and other areas that the earth quakes are imminent to hit at 7  to 9  R, will have no roads, airports and its estimated with a good responsive government action should take months to get to and cap off.
It is also known by top space scientist by the year 2012 that the milky way galaxy, our galaxy will be in a peak celestial shift
and will cause extreme weather and earth quakes within the years before and years after.

We are in need to re educate issues on reactors and their safety with officials that can be proven to be lying to the public. “ I was the management for a Nuclear reactor post reactivation of a restoration on a 20 year old reactor and even though my reports and others showed that the reactors were no longer save, the public relations showed that they were. I cannot go on the record, or I will loose my retirement, and I worry about threats” .Mr  XXXXX

Learn as much as you can, get involved before it’s to late.

Fred M Davis Founder

C a u t i o n !  Radiation Contaminates

A serious issue to consider!
Within this site you will see,  we have a situation that we can no longer ignore,
and " new directions " to solve a major problem. 
Under New directions you'll find many different ways people,
scientist and the government is trying to solve this major problem, such as 
"Nuclear Half-life Modification Technology".
That and other means to Deactivate Radiation are in the
 NEW DIRECTIONS pages AKA Deactivate of Radiation 


What you are about to experience may shock you, dazzle you, and inspire you with its content, meaning, implications, creative developments and most importantly the end results. That end result is to make a safer planet for us today and for the future generations. 

Within our research department are areas of research that have show promise in the deactivation and or are currently proving a means to end this problem of Deactivate of Radiation
After reviewing the radiation problems that touches on and visiting the radiation related links, you will come to the conclusion that we must find new ways to end the dilemma of harmful radiation.


The biggest environmental issue facing us today is  RADIATION;  from reactors -  nuclear bombs  -   bomb sites  -  nuclear manufactures  -  nuclear submarines  - Uranium  mines,  coal  mines and coal use,  waste shipments , Depleted Uranium and , by-products from all of the above and more. 

This has become a serious concern with ever increasing cancers and other related illnesses.

We are seeing more and more radiation in our food chain, water supplies and air, Even our home furniture.
And its environmental impact for the future  is unprecedented.
The Billions of Dollars, being wasted on finding ways to sweep radiation under the carpet.

 Nuclear war between India and Pakistan.

Be prepared for the next  radioactive catastrophe, waste spills, toxic cloud,
discovery of radiation in your water, foods, air, etc.

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Deactivate of Radiation

 We are currently a group of concerned people, scientist, researchers, parents, students, etc., and are not set up as a 501C

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Read on.. there is much more below.


Radiation and radiation contaminates:
 C a u t i o n .... light1.gif ... C a u t i o n ... light1.gif .... C a u t i o n

The dilemma in short citations:

atomic.gif1.  Radiation poisoning from steam and hot water discharge at all Nuclear Reactors.
This fact is virtually unknown by most people.  But in the NRC and the plans to build reactors, it states that small amounts of radiation are prevalent in the exhaust of the cooling systems.  Furthermore, they state that it is considered safe because it is diluted into the oceans and air.  Unfortunately the "hot shoots", hot water discharge does not always reach the oceans first, but rather it can accumulate in pools or is dammed up.  Many dams lie in the path of these reactors and it is no surprise that hundreds, if not thousands, of   children suffer  deformities or even die at birth each year near or down river of Reactors.  That is not to mention the many cases of cancers contracted near or down wind from the reactors.  This fact is from BWR reactors, those that do not have direct contact with cooling water to the core, but does cause the water to be slightly radioactive.  PWR reactors do have direct contact with the cooling water and the level of radiation should never have been accepted.  With PWR reactor the problem of current contamination is greatly amplified.
       NOTE: We do not need to shut all reactors down, just find ways deactivate harmful radiation.

atomic.gif2.  The spent fuel from nuclear reactors is piling up at reactor sites
This spent fuel (waste) takes an average of 200 to 20,000 years ( half-life) to return to a safe state. At each reactor, the stock piles possess various threats;

     A.  Stock piling of Waste. Currently the design of the reactors has a life span of 40 years and contamination holding bays to allow for the stock piling of waste build up to 5 to ten years.  These holding periods were figured years ago and now with very few final dump sites to safely store the waste, it has become a big problem.  The holding bays are filling up and if not dealt with soon, will cause the closure of many reactors;

     B.  Flooded and washed down stream or spread into the air.With some holding bays in the form of large pits and/or poorly designed waste chambers, a current problem of these sites is being flooded and washed down stream or spread into the air. I.e. during the huge floods we experienced in the past few years, some of the stock piles were  washed down stream.  In some cases it washes into the ocean, in other cases it washes into dams or into the farmlands. In scientific research, radiation has been found to grow into the plants and our food chain.  Also with some of the flooded waste washing into dams, it mixes with the agriculture water as well as the drinking supply for man and animal.

atomic.gif3.  No safe places to store massive amounts of spent radiation.
With congress' continued attempts to find safe places to finally store these massive amounts of spent  radiation, and the guarantees to store it are in place, one would think the matter is closed. We have all had a problem with a guarantee one time or another. What will happen when massive changes in the earth occur? Or the transport of waste is threatened by weather, accident or terrorist activity?  Also, when the ever-growing holding tanks of tens of thousands of gallons of pending waste fall refuge to a disaster or begin to leak in the water supplies.

atomic.gif4.  The threat of meltdowns.
Scientist, prophets and many religions are predicting mass earthquakes. With that we have the possibility of mass melt downs if that happens. Many engineers and nuclear specialists feel that reactors will survive such catastrophes and if it gets too bad they can pull the cores, but with a time limit of actually shutting down a reactor and the panic effect of catastrophes, that safeguard is very limited. Although fail safes are in place to automatically shut down or render the reactors safe, a direct hit from an earthquake, catastrophe or under regulated countries  may prove the fail safes unable to act in time. Also to note, an earthquake happens with out notice. It does not take a very creative mind to see the possibilities of what could happen to the earth and it's inhabitants if we get more than one melt down in a given time. e.g. Chernobyl and old reactors. Or an Earthquake  or   Volcano  causes damage  to storage units or a Reactor its self.

atomic.gif5.  Medical waste.
The cost to safely handle and store radioactive waste is high. And leaves hazards in it path.

atomic.gif6.  Nuclear manufactures, atomic bombs, nuclear bombs, hydrogen bombs.
Of the many avenues of nuclear supply. i.e. Plutonium for reactors, for bombsmedical, etc.  And the effects on Humans and Animals.   NOTE: We do need to stop nuclear warfare and find new ways to tell each other what to do.

element found in the story version of promethues broadcast the screenplay7.   Gamma and other harmful space related Radiations.
Radiation in space travel, Space related Accidents  and medium to high levels of Gamma radiation on Airlines

If the children of our time are not aware a problem exists, how will they have the knowledge to combat it?
"Dr. Geedari"             
Observations from Mr. Geer

Map A  The USA with radiation sites. 
Map B   Reactors though out the world 
Map C  Terrestrial Gamma Ray Map
Map E  Earthquake Maps live
Map F  Volcanoes of the world  live
Map D  Real-Time Satellite Images

Map H Real time Solar Flair charts
Map I   Space Weather
Map J   Plate movements

World Weather MAPS  LIVE

As you can see, we have a situation that we can no longer ignore.
gdrsmall.gifGlobal Deactivation of Radiation . gdrsmall.gif

spinatom.gif G..D..R spinatom.gif
Global Deactivation of Radiation.
We are looking to raise awareness to the problems of radiation contamination and the need to find ways to solve it through research in the
 Global Deactivation of Radiation.

Radiation related items for sale

gdrsmall.gifThe GDR symbol, its meanings in relation to the American Medicine wheel, the US flag language and the birth of GDR from research in a motion picture.
Click the symbol.

Global Deactivation of Radiation.
This is a research site and needs your help.
We have developed  this web site to create a task force to deal with this alarming situation, to organize and distribute environmental information to the World ,and to form an alliance with others of similar concerns.
Our intention is to inform the public of the ever growing radiation problems and the correlation between radiation and the rising rate in cancers, deformities, depletion of immune systems in human and animals. And mostly to cause an awareness,
an awareness in to finding new ways in dealing with deadly forms of radiation, through research in the deactivation of radiation.
GDR has been invited to attending events throughout the world.

Delegation to India and Bangladesh // Pending GDR Documentary // Hand delivered Letter to VP Al Gore 9-25-00

As anyone can see, the threat of nuclear disasters continues. With all the radiation related groups trying to do something about the problems, it is clear to see we need to be looking at directions to the deactivate of radiation (GDR).


Before it is too late, get involved. We have many ways you can help in the effort. One, is our simple self funding where you can help support and get a GDR T-shirt, Shirts, Mugs, Mouse pads and More at  our  T SHIRT STORE or  DONATE ON LINE

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 GDR has been working hard on this project and has opened the door for you learn more,
more about harmful radiation and to help find the solutions.
We have a growing list of  Board Directors and Advisors from around the world.
As we find new answers, we will need your help make sure the leaders of our Earth help follow through with the solutions.
We are nonprofit foundation that is focused into looking for ways to Deactivate Radiation on a Global scale.
Global Deactivation of Radiation
If you have any information that might help in
the Deactivation of Radiation,   please send to: emailput.gif


Help spread the need to finding ways to deactivate radiation.
Take the time to send this to a few friends and encourage them to do the same.
It is our Planet, it is our home. 
Help Save Earth as it has given us our daily life.

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We are currently a group of concerned people, scientist, researchers, parents, students, etc., and are not set up as a 501C. 

The animated atom has a clue to deactivation as an element flies into it. Also in one spinning Rad symbols somewhere in the site may be a suggested element.




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