Spirulina as a treatment/prevention
EDTA  Chelation therapy

    The effects of spirulina on the children in Chernobyl appeared beneficial in not just recovery, but prevention also of opportunistic diseases (leukemia, bacterial and viral infections and so on). The Russian government has a patent for spirulina as a medication for radiation poisoning. This is also in the reference material.
    A Swedish study also shows spirulina taken orally may help the body rid itself of barium from people who had to take the barium as a cancer detector. The barium leaves the body in the stool. Interesting stuff.
    Earthrise Farms donated quite a bit of spirulina to the children in the Beylorus area
(spell needs correction) where Chernobyl is near. A lot of companies followed suite.
    If you check out the www.earthrise.com site or www.spirulina.com web sites, there is a remarkable amount of reference material. We don't have the originals to send out, but there is enough information as to the origination of the articles to possibly follow up further if that is your interest in radiation treatments.

    Bee Pollen, we are not experts and I really don't know of any BeePollen/Chernobyl link.
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EDTA  Chelation therapy
The best method of removing radiation from the body is EDTA  Chelation therapy.

  Second best method is Chlorella and Spirulina. Chlorella is likely slightly  better than Spirulina due to the chlorellas indigestable cellulose cell wall  versus the digestable cell wall of spirulina. Chlorella removes heavy metals  from the body, biggest selling health food in Japan, cure for minmata disease
(mercury poisoning) same with cadmium poisoning.

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