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We now have some interesting leads BELOW to different ways in the Deactivation of Radiation.  Some are listed and others are forth coming. All will be updated. In some cases you will see attempts to the deactivation of Radiation, in others you will see an element or products that effects radiation. And in some, you will find cures, medical procedures or radiation filtration systems to help or stop radiation sickness. FORGIVE THIS OLD FASHION WEB , it will be upgraded soon.

Part of what we will have will be visual adds for seeing and understanding radiation particles like what can be seen at related items in youtubes site, 

The deactivation of radiation is looked at by the majority of scientists as being impossible, so it has been forgotten and sequestered from creative minds. The instilled beliefs do not lay ground work for fertile new frontiers. With new technology expanding each day, a seed is being planted to attempt this formerly impossibly idea. To date, a few, very few, scientist or others are looking.   This is what GDR hopes to change, that is why GDR has started. The two basic ways to help solve a long awaited problem are; Research and Helping spread the word with the need to find ways to deactivate harmful radiation. . 

Leads to different ways in the Deactivation of Radiation
A few concepts, directions and questions to the possibilities.
If you feel you have any information that will add to any of the growing categories or wish to add a new category, please E mail it to the mail address below. Click on any item that is underlined.

NEW.. ITEM 12.. 
Dr. M. Zafferullah Ghuman 
Department of Physics University of Gujrat Pakistan.

1.   Orgonomy
    A. Orgonomy more one this >>>>>

2. Spiderwort Plant nature radiation detector /
    Spirulina /
    EDTA /
    A. Spiderwort plant further research (pending)Spiderwort
    B. EDTA  Chelation therapy /  Spirulina/  Bee Pollen, further research (pending)
    D. Wheat grass and Radiation     further research (pending)

Black Cahoash the root itself if placed in the atmosphere will turn purple whenever radiation is presant gods rad detection system is more powerful than mans faulty efforts.



3. Natural  Transmutation
     Microorganisms which lives inside the reactor water.
    1. Microbes Survives Vast Dose of Radiation
      2.  Study and research conducted in the 60ís 70ís 80's and 90's #!!!!
    Further research (pending)

3 A.    Transmutation of elements Naturally
    1.Element converting

    Wormoligy? real of fake
    1. Superworms

4. Artificial Transmutation
Conversion of elements in the scientific experiments.
    1.  Basic understanding turning mercury and lead into gold
    2. Sound waves, light waves, ultra high frequency waves
        a. Atomic Frequencies (concept)   & Harmonic Frequency
        b. Laser Light

   3.  Absolute Zero
   4. Desorption of Atoms
   5. Neutron Treatment on Transmutation
   6. The Accelerator Transmutation of Waste System
   7. The Roy Process for Neutralizing Nuclear Waste (Photon Transmutation)
   8. Nuclear Half-life Modification Technology
   9. Brown's Gas 

5. Re-using spent fuel in reactors
(pending listing)

A. Further research (pending)
refer to time in  concepts &  idea tank #9

7. Alternative sciences

8. Mental, Psychic or Radionic means

9. Laser lights renders radioactive waste safe

10. Coal.. When coal is mined, it allows underground radiation to escape into the
atmosphere.. Thus, coal is a radiation shield.  
thoughts, coal, and charcoal air used for filters, and cause changed when mixed with other substances.  Further note.. Coal in time, turns to diamonds.

Nuclear Half-life Modification Technology
Special GDR GREEN NEWSLETTER 001 first issue

Dr. M. Zafferullah Ghuman 
Department of Physics University of Gujrat Pakistan.

More on this. 

Periodic Table
List of Elements and Their Symbols. A full atomic Periodic table, where you can click an element for more information on a given element.  Remember to use you back button on your browser to return to GDR.
Also available at: 

To find a nuclide, you can give nuclide name at the following nuclide data banks.

Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables 

Atomic Physics Links

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What is radiation.  Geiger Counters



Radiation Test systems and Companies

    A few concepts, directions and questions to the possibilities.

    Radioactive elements into plasma
    If we could convert radioactive elements into plasma we could then set up condition where the plasma could then settle into a more stable state that are not radioactive.
    In other words we input energy into the radioactive atoms or molecules, converting them into subatomic particles then as they return to a state of normal matter we manipulate them to become radiation stable atoms.

    Hydrazine used to absorb radioactive isotopes
    Hydrazine, certain derivations it might be used to absorb radioactive isotopes in cells by
    chemical reactions with waste salts given off. In stead of using it on humans, it could be
    more useful to absorb radiation in the atmosphere in mass quantities to prevent radioactivity
    exposure in larger doses.  ? Could it be treated like we do now to reduce radon progeny
    in home by better filtration or precipitated out in some manner?
    Brian T Adams

    The half life of the radiation can be anywhere from seconds to billions of years .
    Time and action effect the wearing down of the atom. Time thinking room, atomic frequencies

    The decay of a radioactive element takes time and action to turn it into a non radioactive substance.
    Q. How does it decay from extreme amounts of time?
    Q. What can be done to speed up the action it takes to stabilized the atom in normal time?
    Q. How does the time factor of radiation's break down in time, or  in other words, how
    does time really do this to the atom? And how can the process be sped up?
    Q. If research in time and gravity begins to show scientific proof that alterations in time can be accomplished, then would the accelerating of time cause and effect on the half life of radiation?

    With our new knowledge in space and time. The difference in time from earth verses space, proves that time can be slowed or accelerator, science is in its infancy with this, but it may become a leading effect to all things and a good direction to take in GDR.

    Also with the odd findings of the Philadelphia experiment, time research and alterations may already be a fact.

    Bombardment of elements

    The external bombardment of elements.
    Bombardment . i.e. radioactive elements can be artificially produced by bombardment of
    x- particles, protons, deuterons, neutrons etc. This is basic fundamentals in understanding
    radiation and artificial radiation.
    Does the reverse of some of these processes or combinations of bombardments cause a
    radical effect on the decay of Radiation? If so then how and with what methods?

    Elements that effect radiation / or are effected by radiation.

    Radiation tags  ( red tags) photographic film

    Lead shields. Lead is the best shielding from it's penetration

    Note, Uranium turns into lead

    Absolute zero renders elements to a near suspended state.

    Out of alignment electrons, unstable electrons,  causes the atom to be radioactive.

    EDTA Chelation therapy

    Chlorella and Spirulina. Chlorella is likely slightly
    better than Spirulina due to the chlorellas indigestible cellulose cell wall
    versus the digestible cell wall of spirulina. Chlorella removes heavy metals
    from the body, biggest selling health food in Japan, cure for minmata disease
    (mercury poisoning) same with cadmium poisoning.

    effective for heavy metals stuck in the lining of the digestive tract

    much more to be added.


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